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Compositing Stock in the brainchild of Photoshop Educator Dave Cross, and came about after countless discussions with people frustrated with the process of making composite images. One day the lightbulb went off and Dave thought "what if I include a reference when I shoot the backgrounds?" So he started taking two shots: one with a person in it (often himself) and one without. This made it much easier to composite in another person.

The germ of an idea for a stock photo site that specialized in compositing backgrounds started to take form in 2013, but it was a recent idea to include a collapsible safety cone in the images that was the "missing piece of the puzzle".

So here we are in 2015, with Dave expanding his business to include this speciality stock photo site. Along with this site, Dave has an online training site packed with Photoshop tutorials, he teaches on CreativeLive and at events like Photoshop World, and runs a rental photo studio in Tampa, FL.

Compositingstock.com is owned and operated by Dave Cross LLC.

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