Sell Your Photos

If you are interested in selling your photos here on Compositing Stock, here's how it works (it's pretty simple):

1. Sign up as a Contributing Photographer and pay a one-time fee of $30*. Then we'll ship you the "official" collapsible safety cone that you'll use in the photos.

2. Watch the instructional videos for the guidelines on capturing the images (Not every photo can be sold here, so be sure to watch the videos).

3. Submit your photos for approval.

4. Start earning a commission of 40%!

Sign Up Here

*Unfortunately, the cones are currently only available to be shipped in the United States (we're working on that). Photographers outside the United States can still sell images here, but only waist-up, textures, etc. Or you can look for 18in/45cm collapsible cones from sources such as Amazon. If you are from outside the United States, please sign up as a "Contributing Photographer (Outside United States).