How it Works

The images for sale on this site are specifically intended for use in compositing: everything from replacement skies and textures for overlays, to backgrounds designed for composting. Our photographers capture several types of images for compositing:

Textures, Skies, & Overlays
Use these images to add a special touch to your photos – and watch our free tutorials for some ideas on how to use them.

Design Elements
Add interesting finishing touches such as edge effects, borders, and objects.

Waist Up Backgrounds
These images are designed for compositing a person onto a new background, and include images shot to simulate depth of field.

Full Length Backgrounds
These backgrounds come in a set of two files: one with the safety cone and one without. Shoot your subject including the safety cone, and then use the cone as a reference when you place them into the background. Once it is properly sized, delete the layer with the cone.

#The Biggest Challenge in Compositing
Our images (including the safety cone) help solve the one of the biggest challenges in compositing: