Contributor FAQ

Information for Contribution Photographers
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Who owns the images?
You do. Always. The buyers get a royalty free license to use the images, but you retain all ownership rights.

Is there a minimum number if images I need to submit?
No. The more images you submit the more potential sales you can make.

Is there a maximum I can submit at one time?
There probably is some technical limit based on the uploading procedure, but the most important factor to remember is that all images must be approved before they can be sold. Based on expected volume, please have patience as we get images approved as quickly as possible.

What settings should I use to save the images? How do I upload my images?
The images should be "high res" at 4000px or more for the longest side. At minimum 3200 px. For all the details please see the tutorial on preparing and uploading images. For layered documents, see also this pdf file with step-by-step instructions. For jpegs (textures, depth of field and design elements), follow the instructions in this pdf.

What Gallery should I use? Can we add more galleries?
You can choose any gallery you want when you upload your images - you can also choose more than one gallery, for example Abandoned and Outdoors. When you upload a layered document with a cone please include the it in the "All Backgrounds with Cone" gallery.
If there's gallery you'd like to see added, let us know and we'll definitely consider it.

Do I need to use a tripod?
Yes! For this concept to work you need to shoot one image with the reference cone (and/or a model) and one without – and they have to be identical other than the reference.

How far away should I put the cone? How do I frame my photos?
The best answer is to think about setting up your photo as if you were taking a full-length shot of a person. That means you shouldn't have the cone too close or a person wouldn't fit in the image. Similarly you should not have the cone too far away or the person would end up appearing very small in the image. The same applies to the angle at which you take the photo: think about how you would take it if there was a person in the frame.

Do I have to have a person in my photos?
You don’t have to, that’s the main purpose for the cone. But if you have someone who can stand in as a reference (in addition to the cone), that’s a bonus. (You can also use a self-timer and use yourself as the extra reference).

Do I need to have property releases?
There's no simple answer to this question, other than "it depends". For the most part with public property you do not need a release, but the more "recognizable" the property, the more chance you should have a release. To read more on this complex topic, please see these sites: The Copyright ZoneASMP Article

Do you have tutorials to show me how do it?
Yes! There are tutorials with tips on shooting and saving the files, found here.

How much money can I make?
Well of course that depends on how many images you upload and how many people buy your images. I can tell you that you will start at 40% commission. And I can't promise anything, but there may even be specials from time to time where the commission rate is higher (for a promotional period).

Are there any specials I should know about?
Once the site is launched there will be a promotional coupon to allow new members to get one image for free - so if they happen to choose your image, you wouldn't earn commission on that transaction. But hopefully they would love your image so much that they will buy your other images :)

How do I get paid? How often?
Payments are made through Paypal, paid out at the beginning of each month.

How are the images priced?
The 2-layer full length backgrounds sell for $25, while textures and waist-up backgrounds are priced at $15. We may occasionally run special promotions at lower prices.

What type of images should I be shooting?
We’ll need all kinds of backgrounds: old buildings, sports facilities, deserts, fields, famous landmarks, graffiti walls, forests, mountain landscapes, city streets, modern architecture, barns, churches, alleyways, hospital corridors, beaches, junkyards, office boardrooms…. anything that someone might want to use as a background in a composite image. Buyers can also add suggestions to the "wish list” page.

Do I really need the cone?
If you want to sell full-length photos you do need one of the cones. If you choose not to pay the $30 fee to get a cone, you can shoot and submit only waist-up backgrounds, textures and design elements.

Can I buy my own cone?
You could, but when I bought one cone, it cost $36 including shipping. I’ve negotiated a better price that allows me to buy a larger quantity and ship them all out to Contributing Photographers.

Can I just "borrow" a random cone from the side of the street?
Well besides the fact that it would be morally wrong, for this to work everyone has to use the same style and height of cone.

I’m from outside North America: how do I get a cone?
I’m working on a plan for that, but in the UK you can purchase the same type of cone from or through amazon. Just make sure than you are ordering the 18 inch/45cm size.

How do I sign up?
Right here: Sign Up Here
(Be sure to enter your shipping address for the cone)

If you have any other questions, please send them to