Buyer FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Buyers

Do I really need to buy a cone?
That question is addressed in a video found on this page. The bottom line is that to take full advantage of the backgrounds on this site, buying that same cone will make your life much easier when you are compositing. Of course you can choose not to purchase a cone and use our waist-up images, textures and design elements.

What I am allowed to do the images that I purchase?
It might be easier to talk about what you can't do with the images: you cannot resell the images as stock photos, or distribute to other users via templates such as e-cards, web design templates, scrapbooking templates, customizable invitation templates, digitized embroidery files, personalized products, business card design templates, etc. Otherwise you can use them to create composite images, including images that you sell as artwork to your clients.

Do you have tutorials on how to use the images?
Yes! Check out the Free Tutorials page for tips on making selecting and masks, how to replace a sky and more. We'll continue to add tutorials based on your requests.

Is there a way to try out the concept before I make a purchase?
Yes, we've included several free images of models including the cone, and a free background. These are free to download to experiment with: check out the video here.

Can I request specific images that I need?
There is an Image Wish list and you can add ideas to that list. Our Contributing Photographers are encouraged to use this list to get ideas for their photographs.

What if I want to submit images for sale?
Sure! You just have to sign up as a Contributing Photographer: see the Contributor FAQ page for more details.

If you have any other questions, please send them to compostingstock at